Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Private Engineering Colleges in Ghaziabad: Will They Survive?

There are some very good Engineering colleges in and around Ghaziabad. These colleges not only topped the annual ranks of formerly UPTU or its later avatars GBTU and MTU, but during these periods they have curved a niche for themselves.

There are colleges like Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College or AKGEC, ABES, KIET, RKGIT and IMSEC in Ghaziabad which are doing good in imparting Technical Education and already established a brand name in this arena. They draw fair numbers of students every year but there are other colleges which are practically starving due to the lack of students as well as quality students.

The second rung colleges in Ghaziabad:

All the engineering colleges in Western UP (including NCRs ie. Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida) are affiliated to the Mahamaya Technical University, Noida. There are several good colleges in Ghaziabad like Ideal Institute of Technology in Govindpuram, VIET in Dadri, BBDIT in Meerat Road, Sunderdeep Engineering College in Dasna are as good as the private colleges of Karnataka. Then there are VITS, SGIT, LKEC near Jindal Nagar, SIET and RKGEC in Pilakhuwa.

The last rung colleges are the newly established colleges like Bhagwati Institute of Technology in Masuri, Aryan Institute of Technology, Jindal Nagar, Bhagwant Institute of Technology, MAIT in near Jindal Nagar, Satyam, ICE in Pilakhuwa. The problem they are suffering is the lack of students. Last year many seats remained vacant, even the concerned colleges offered more than 15% in commission, still number of students getting admission was very low.

Last year the scenario was very grim, many colleges were finding tough to pay the salaries to their employees. Moreover, as the number of quality students dwindled over the passage of time, pass rate also plunged dramatically.

Just imagine the predicament of the colleges here, in one side the students of the subsequent batches are coming more dull and blunt where as the syllabus has been being modified every third year and every new syllabus is tougher than its previous versions. So, can you guess the outcome? Yes, rapidly falling over all pass rate and the fall of the ranks of these poor colleges. The cascading effects of these events are the sharp fall of the revenue earned by these colleges which in turn makes them unable to pay good salary to its employees which again becomes the cause of mass exodus of the good teachers to the cash rich colleges of Greater Noida and as a result the survival of these colleges gradually becomes tougher. It's a vicious trap and none of the colleges know how to deal with the situation.


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